Black Masterbatch Granules

Black Masterbatch Granules

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Product contains: 5 kg

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Dexnyl® PEEK Masterbatch Black – to simplify the production of black PEEK products, basedcon a super high-flow PEEK grade, CoPEEK 125G.
The MB can be blended with all common, natural or compounded PEEK grades.

Recommended Dosage: 2%, max. 5%
Pigment content: 27% - 30%
Melting temperature: above 340°C – don’t heat above 410°C

Food application approved (if dosage is below 8% !)
FDA all raw-materials in this MB are listed in the corresponding FDA directories.
EU 10/2011 the MB fulfills the requirements of compliance for food applications EU 10/2011

We offer this product in a practical 5 kg container for easy dosage and sampling.

*The specified values are established from average values of several tests and they correspond to our today’s knowledge. They are only to be used as information about our products and as help for the material selection. With these values, we do not ensure specific properties, or the suitability for certain application. No warranty, representation, guarantee or legally binding product description is provided by publishing this informational data. For information about divergent properties do not hesitate to contact us. On request we advise you regarding the most appropriate component design and the definition of material specifications more suitable to your application data. Notwithstanding, the customer bears all the responsibility for the thorough examination of suitability, efficiency, efficacy and safety of the chosen products in pharmaceutical applications, medical devices or other end uses. Status: June 2019

Black Masterbatch Granules