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PEEK Semi-finished

PEEK-SF products made from PEEK raw material for example are rods, tubes, sheets and films. There are several ways to produce PEEK-SF products. Extrusion is the most econonmical way to produce small diameter rods and tubes. Injection moulding is favourable for finished parts and for short tubes. Rotomoulding and hot compression moulding are expensive processes but suited for large outer diameters and relatively thin walls in tubes. offers PEEK-SF products from a large number of producers from Europe, Asia and the USA.

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PEEK Granules

PEEK Granules & Powder

PEEK is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with excellent sliding properties, very good mechanical properties (even under thermal load) and an excellent resistance to chemicals. The great plasticity allows a wide application in all kinds of industrial field as in chemistry, transportation and other mechanical applications.

PEEK granules are widely used for the Semi-Finished production and for finished parts made by injection moulding. Granules can be natural PEEK or a compound.

PEEK granules, sheets and fiber.

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These are all products available in our PEEK shop. Sometimes specific dimensions are out of stock. You can still send a request for quote and we will make an offer according to your needs.

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Piston rings

Hotrunner nozzles

Plasma cutting gas distributers

Packaging sealing elements



Bobbin, basis material for conductor boards

Isolation foils

Sputtering equipment


Brake wear sensor


Thrust washers

Valve seats & seals

Vane bushings


Additive for PTFE & other compounds

Direct forming of final parts

Paste compounds