Film with PTFE/CF/Graphite – 10-10-10 (mod)

Film with PTFE/CF/Graphite – 10-10-10 (mod)

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PEEK film is thermoplastic film that is characterized by a distinct combination of properties, which include:

  • excellent wear resistance
  • best-in-class fatigue resistance
  • high purity
  • and excellent chemical resistance to organics, acids, and bases

These properties make it well-suited for applications in:

  • aerospace
  • electronics
  • chemical processing
  • healthcare
  • transportation

...and other industrial uses.


PEEK products according to customer's specifications; Thicknesses between 250µm up to 1300µm; Width usually about 420mm, but customer preferences of special sizes or thicknesses will be provided. Maximum width is 600mm


The super-thin film provides durability, strength, and high heat resistance in a high-performance laminate which also consists of aluminum foil and a proprietary adhesive.

Aplications are wide:

  • speaker diaphragms
  • insulation
  • coating for metal parts


Download technical Datasheet as PDF:

Œ1 Low
•10 High
x Not applicable
(√) Limited
k.Br. No break
n.d. Not feasible
- Not determined
n.v. Unavailable

*All the tests have been conducted with a standard conditioning atmosphere of 23°C (at the moment no other temperature is available). All the test specimens were made through extrusion process. The specified values are established from average values of several tests and they correspond to our today’s knowledge. They are only to be used as information about our products and as help for the material selection. With these values, BIEGLO does not ensure specific properties, or the suitability for certain application, therefore BIEGLO does not assume any legal responsibility for an improper usage.
Since the plastics´ properties depend on the manufacturing process (extrusion, injection moulding), on the dimensions of the semi-finished material and on the degree of crystallinity, the actual properties of a specific product may slightly deviate from the tested ones.
For information about divergent properties do not hesitate to contact us. On request we advise you regarding the most appropriate component design and the definition of material specifications more suitable to your application data. Notwithstanding, the customer bears all the responsibility for the thorough examination of suitability, efficiency, efficacy and safety of the chosen products in pharmaceutical applications, medical devices or other end uses.

Film with PTFE/CF/Graphite – 10-10-10 (mod)

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